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Thank you ALL for the 2+ years of dedicated listening - downloads - comments - and even nudie pics... Stephen, I'm talking to you. 

This will be my last update for the Now Streaming Podcast, but it's mainly because I need to move on to bigger and more career driven projects. So to say goodbye I invited everyone who has ever been a guest on the show to come over and be part of the event!

We play games we've talked about over the time, people break down and tell me what they didn't like about the show, and I find out that the game we've never played, Get Hans Drunk and Have Him Explain Movies, is probably the game I should have been playing since day one... I'm sure his liver thanks me for not doing that.

Unfortunately, Buz's segment where I played LEARN AFTER READING was lost due to a computer error, but let it be know, I was able to get a point with one comment! So BOOM! I know how to do it.


Please keep your eyes on @andrewfurtaco for updates because there will be more podcasts coming in the future, but as far as Now Streaming is concerned, the fat lady has sung.

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We're coming to a close soon and I made sure to make this 2nd to last episode of Now Streaming count... by doing what I SHOULD have been doing since episode 2.

I learned about more movies on this podcast than almost 90 episodes combined. Thanks for my guests Bart Kimball, Greg Ephram, and Brandon Gilbrech who went with me on a new format. Instead of reviewing a specific movie I had my guests write their top 10 favorite titles on Netflix and then created games inspired by their titles.

We cover all the titles from my hidden favorites like Shakma all the way to foreign hits like Boys from Brazil. We then played games like AirBud/Pulp Fiction and Peaky Blinders... You'll have to SEE it to believe it!

I would say this episode rejuvenated my love for the show and inspired me to keep going, but then that means I'd be going back on my word and slowing down on my career, so F-DAT.

Next week will be my final episode of the show and I've invited everyone who has been a guest to come by and hang out. We'll be live streaming it via FB, so please feel free to join in and be part of "history".

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Apparently I am the only person to do a FULL COMMENTARY of the Gasper Noe film Love... so Today please allow us to be here to make history! Actor Graham Skipper and special effects GURU Stephen Imhoff join me and make the film just as entertaining as you'd ever hope.

Please enjoy this EXTRA long episode about an EXTRA long member... I'm talking about a big penis.

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On this week of the podcast I have on my dear friends on the podcast because Christian is headed back to the UK... and I wanted to let him know just how happy we are about it. I curated all the games on this weeks show to his departure. 

We get a little carried away and I drop a bit of a bomb on this weeks episode. Hope you enjoy the show!

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This weeks episode did NOT go as planned, the material I wanted to cover was too much and the people weren't available... so instead I wanted to give you all a little treat. Next week, we'll be back to our normally scheduled program... but until then, you've got this!


I was lucky enough to go to a special screening of the film The Naked Gun with filmmakers David and Jerry Zucker there for a Q&A afterward. It was moderated by Timothy Dowling and attended by a small group. They were very insightful as well as fun to hear talk about their style of comedy. I left feeling inspired and excited for the future of comedy...

So please enjoy this quick episode and hope you get a little enjoyment out of it!

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Now for another episode of Now Streaming podcast with your fancy dressed host, Andrew Furtado! This week I'm in the "studio" with writer/director Graham Denman, producer Jared Shelton, and director of the infamous Black Devil Doll Jonathan Lewis! This week we were supposed to all watch the Spanish horror movie Anamodexia, but unfortunately only TWO of us had actually watched the film. Luckily one of those people was Jared and he did a bit of research to make sure that our time was well spent talking on the mic!

We talk about all the titles on Netflix we've been watching as well as some terrible titles that you need to make sure you avoid... or watch 'em, what do I care?

I bring in a new game to try out and even had a little fun in the process. GO FIGURE! Either way, check out hte show and make sure you have yourself a great time! 


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This episode of the Now Streaming Podcast is one of the greats! I'm joined by director Josh Forbes, writer Jacob Samahn, and the director of Time Lapse, Bradley King! Last week, Paula recommended Bradley's film and this week he's on the show!

Time Lapse is a "living room science fiction" where three friends find out they've been being photographed by their neighbor... weird thing is, all the photos haven't happened yet. Thanks to Josh for hooking it up and making it nice and uncomfortable as we review Time Lapse WITH it's director. Nothing is quite as fun as watching a person squirm as you say nice things about 'em.

We have a lot of fun talking about the film, finding out what everyone's been watching on Netflix, and learn the importance of putting the word "hood" in when you're talking about your childHOOD porn addiction... Just sayin'.

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Another fun episode of Now Streaming Podcast is coming at you hard! This week I bought back "lady of the champ" Paula Haifley, Twin-Peaks enthusiast and Fuller House super-fan Melanie Mullen, and the only other person I know who appreciates Vanilla Ice's film work, Aaron H Baker!

We discussed the film recommended to us Hector and His Search for Happiness, a Simon Pegg box-office bomb about a psychiatrist who is trying to find the true meaning of happiness. It's filled with more feelings thrown into it than an episode of Fuller House... don't worry we talk about that too.



We all watched the entire season of Fuller House and surprisingly had a lot of mixed feelings... from a major nostalgia trip to barreling over to vomit for cuteness overload. We also realized that the fountain of youth is John Stamos' bath tub and coined the term "Stamos-ing".

Please enjoy this fun filled episode chocked to the brim with new games and a rowdy game of LEARN AFTER READING!

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Another Wednesday, another great episode of Now Streaming Podcast, this week I had writer on Adventure Time, Dick Grunert, and hosts of the Dead Right Horror Trivia Dave Parker and Jared Rivet! 

After last weeks show we were to prompted to watch Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myersalthough I've seen the producers cut, I came to find out it was LIGHTYEARS different than the cut streaming on Netflix.

Luckily, my guests were well versed in the story of the troubled past of this sixth installment of this iconic horror franchise. It's fun to remember that before Clueless, Paul Rudd went by "Paul Steven Rudd" and even though that film came out before H6... technically he was "introduced" to the world through The Curse of Michael Myers.

Listen up to todays show and hear me introduce a new game aptly named "Demon Seamen" and play a revolutionary round of Learn After Reading!

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It’s WEDNESDAY and that means it’s time for a new episode of the Now Streaming Podcast, this week I had a last minute cancellation, but my two guests came on and kicked ass with ease! Returning are two guests who have both gone to with the games... Jackson Stewart and Matt Thompson. So with them both going in undefeated, one would have to lose that title... one would have to be the Ronda Rousey...

After last weeks show we were to talk about Meet My Valentinealthough none of us are the films target demographic we were able to discuss the film with open minds. Plus Jackson got to share his killer Scott Wolf story. 

I was also able to work out a new game for this week as well as make Learn After Reading a little more exciting... thanks to the help of listener Justin Maybee! So please listen and get ready to enjoy yourselves!

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